Production Services

  • Full productions services for any type of filmed entertainment
  • Talent negotiation & business affairs
  • Commercial productions
  • Filmed production services
  • Insurance
  • Budgeting
  • Vendor Accounts
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Line Production
  • Accounting
  • Member AICP
  • All Distributions Platforms

Entertainment Union Signatory

  • All Distribution Platforms
    • Area Standards & NY Majors
    • Local 52 in NYC
  • Teamsters
  • AFM
  • WGA
  • Animation Guild

Payroll Relationships

  • ART
  • Caps/Cast & Crew
  • Entertainment Partners
  • Extreme Reach
  • Media Services
  • Team
  • Revolution


  • Signatory to Commercial, Co-Ed/Industrial,
    Television, Theatrical, New Media,
    Interactive, and Music Video Contracts
  • Talent Contract Negotiations
  • Celebrity payment and multi-service allocations
  • Talent Cost Estimates
  • Residual/Re-use Calculations and Tracking
  • Union Claim Consultation
  • Script and Storyboard Reviews
  • Contract Educational Seminars
  • Full Agency Business Affairs
  • PSA Status



Our Team

Tony Low 

Tony formed the company in 2002, to service creative based companies and their unique production needs. Tony is a CPA (Inactive status) and graduate of University of California, Berkeley. Tony, with over 25 years of experience in the Entertainment, advertising, New Media and Production sectors, has an extensive knowledge of commercial and television production as well as web development and agency management.

Sueño Lazcano
Executive Producer

Sueño runs the operations of the company. Sueño has been with the company since 2009 and instrumental in its success. Previously she was a manager at The Groop, a prominent downtown web design company.

Catie Hacker
Head of Business Affairs

Catie is in charge of the entertainment union signatory division of the company. Catie has intimate knowledge of above and below the line union rules across all distribution platforms.  Catie is an industry recognized SAG expert in celebrity endorsement contracts. .She has been with the company since 2011 and is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz.

Yani Altamirano

Yanira worked at a financial investment firm for 4 years in Los Angeles before joining CMS in 2010. Yani manages all CMS financial affairs and production accounting.

Patricia Carrillo

Patricia is an experienced production accountant and has been with CMS since 2013.

Brandy Hernandez
Signatory Production Coordinator

Prior to joining CMS, in 2016 Brandy was a production assistant and coordinator at both commercial and talent management companies.

Yatziry Pacheco

Prior to joining CMS in 2017, was in the banking industry for 3 years in Los Angeles.  She is currently completing the requirement for a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Elbia Diego
Production Coordinator

Elbia recently joined CMS after spending several years in the Attractions and Theme Park Industry




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