About US

For over xx years, CMS Productions has been providing high-quality production services and reliable, friendly service to x, x, x in Southern California. 

While we are full service company which offers an extensive production needs, we also help with entertainment union signatory services for all distribution platforms.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your production or signatory needs. From x, x, x we are prepared to supply your project with exactly what you need. You are guaranteed to have a smooth and successful production. We are here to help!

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Production Services

  • Full productions services for any type of filmed entertainment
  • Talent negotiation & business affairs
  • Commercial productions
  • Filmed production services
  • Insurance
  • Budgeting
  • Vendor Accounts
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Line Production
  • Accounting
  • Member AICP
  • All Distributions Platforms

Entertainment Union Signatory

  • All Distribution Platforms
    • Area Standards & NY Majors
    • Local 52 in NYC
  • Teamsters
  • AFM
  • WGA
  • Animation Guild

Payroll Relationships

  • ART
  • Caps/Cast & Crew
  • Entertainment Partners
  • Extreme Reach
  • Media Services
  • Team
  • Revolution


  • Signatory to Commercial, Co-Ed/Industrial,
    Television, Theatrical, New Media,
    Interactive, and Music Video Contracts
  • Talent Contract Negotiations
  • Celebrity payment and multi-service allocations
  • Talent Cost Estimates
  • Residual/Re-use Calculations and Tracking
  • Union Claim Consultation
  • Script and Storyboard Reviews
  • Contract Educational Seminars
  • Full Agency Business Affairs
  • PSA Status